7500-ER 480grs

7500-ER 480grs

Energy & Recovery!

Train Harder, Recover Faster, Achieve Perfection!

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Introducing 7,500 ER from Amino Vital! Formulated to be taken before or during exercise, this specially developed supplement for bodybuilders may help support recovery and sustained energy through even your toughest workouts.* With pharmaceutical-grade BCAAs, glutamine and arginine, 7,500 ER helps keep you going strong as it provides support against soreness allowing you to build muscle mass faster.*

Hitting the weights hard, whether it's throwing another plate on the bar to build bulk or going for that extra rep, results in muscle breakdown and pain or delayed muscle onset soreness (DOMS). Studies suggest that supplementation, before or during exercise, with BCAAs, glutamine and arginine - the amino acids in Amino Vital 7,500 ER - may help to reduce the catabolic effect of training.* The BCAAs, glutamine and arginine, which flood into the muscle tissue, fuel the muscle fiber, promote muscle protein synthesis, and remove toxins, thus supporting faster recovery.*

What does all this mean? To recover properly, put on size, and get the definition you want, you need the right amino acid formula. So use 7,500 ER before or during your workout to get the most out of your gym time.* 7,500 ER by Amino Vital - the gold standard in recovery.*




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