CellMass NT 30ct

CellMass NT 30ct

CellMass NT

N-Tensity Technology!

Ultra Post-Training And Nighttime Mass And Recovery Activator!*

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CELLMASS®NT is the next evolution in post-training recovery.* To meet the ever-growing demands necessary for your muscular physique to change, BSN® has ensured that your post-training supplementation can keep up the pace.

CELLMASS®NT promotes the replenishment of high-energy compounds such as creatine and ATP lost during intense training.* By promoting the regulation of insulin and accumulation of muscle-sparing glycogen, catabolic effects are kept to a minimum, thus proliferating muscle hypertrophy.* CELLMASS®NT is the state-of-the-art answer for serious athletes who know recovery is where true evolution begins.

By promoting the regulation of insulin and accumulation of muscle-sparing glycogen, catabolic effects are kept to a minimum, thus proliferating muscle hypertrophy.* CELLMASS®NT is the state-of-the-art answer for serious athletes who know recovery is where true evolution begins.

Cellmass NT Ingredient Highlights And Benefits

  • Promotes strength, endurance, recovery and muscle mass*
  • Maintains endurance, work capacity and time to exhaustion*
  • Promotes ATP recycling*
  • Maintains glutamine levels - anti-catabolic*
  • Promotes anabolism, anti-catabolism, recovery, alanine and glutamine production*
  • Promotes electrolyte balance and hydration*
  • Maintains phosphocreatine levels, thus promoting ATP levels*
  • Helps promote liver function*
  • Support of mitochondrial respiration, energy production, physical stamina and regulation of muscular fatigue*

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between this and the new CELLMASS®NT?

Much in the same way CELLMASS® is a post-training recovery activator, CELLMASS®NT is designed to take recovery to a new level. The first notable addition to CELLMASS®NT is the updated creatine matrix, MYOGENIC ENDURA SHOT. Included in this blend are Beta-Alanine, Creatine Magnesium Chelate and Peak ATP®, just to name a few. With the inclusion of these compounds, muscular strength, endurance and power may be increased.* Upon further inspection, one will notice the Glutamine Interfusion complex contained within CELLMASS®NT. This proprietary blend consists of novel glutamine compounds such as Glutamine-Alpha Aminobutyric Acid and Alanyl-L-Glutamine, both designed to aid in recovery from training as well as repair to muscle tissue.* Another notable complex which has been infused into CELLMASS®NT is the BCAA Recovery Composite Matrix. This comprehensive blend of novel Alpha Aminobutyrated and Nitrated amino acids has been included to greatly improve muscle tissue repair by helping to offset muscle degradation (catabolism), as well as regulate fatigue.*

CELLMASS®NT contains quite a few forms of glutamine, and the EPOZINE-O2™NT label says to limit my consumption of glutamine. There are times in the day when my servings of CELLMASS®NT and EPOZINE-O2™NT coincide; can I take them together, or do I have to wait a certain amount of time?

When taking EPOZINE-O2™NT you are able to take your serving of CELLMASS®NT at the exact same time. The form of the amino acid glutamine that the label refers to is its free form state. An amino acid is typically one portion of a chain of amino acids that make up a protein. This peptide bonding gives the amino acids strength and stability. By isolating an amino acid, returning it to its free form state, it may lose some stability, and thus not absorb fully and efficiently. In the case of glutamine, unabsorbed glutamine converts to ammonia gas, which has been found to inhibit nitric oxide production. With CELLMASS®NT, we have given the many novel forms of glutamine stability by bonding them to compounds such as Alpha-Aminobutyric Acid and Alanine, as well as peptide bonding the glutamine. So the glutamine in CELLMASS®NT is stable, which may lend itself to muscle recovery, and not hindering nitric oxide production.*

I noticed that N.O.-XPLODE™NT contains similar ingredients to CELLMASS®NT. Will taking CELLMASS®NT prior to bed affect my sleep?

Unlike N.O.-XPLODE™NT, CELLMASS®NT contains no stimulants, so it should not affect your sleeping patterns. Only N.O.-XPLODE™NT contains the ENER-NOOTROPIC XPLOSION blend, which is the component that contains stimulants.

If I take CELLMASS®NT post-workout, since it has so many branched-chain amino acids, do I still need to take protein?

Without a doubt, YES! CELLMASS®NT is designed to help your body with the replenishment of high-energy compounds such as phosphocreatine, ATP and electrolytes, which will help you recover and help increase performance for your next training session.* These high-energy compounds give your body the energy necessary to contract muscle tissue and repair damaged tissue.* Additionally, the novel branched-chain amino acids help to offset fatigue as well as muscle degradation.* However, you still need to supply your body with a large amount of high-quality protein, as a building block and as a more complete means to repair tissue. Further to that point, not only do you need to replenish protein post-training to repair muscle damage caused by intense training, you also need to replace the glycogen (the storage form of carbohydrate) that was used up during training. Glycogen is the body's primary fuel source for ATP during intense anaerobic training, and must be replaced post-training as well. This is a perfect time for TRUE-MASS®, BSN®'s lean mass gainer. With a multi-functional blend of ultra-premium proteins and a precise complex carbohydrate blend, TRUE-MASS® makes for the perfect complement to CELLMASS®NT for maximum growth and recovery post-training.*

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