ProbolicSR 4lbs

ProbolicSR 4lbs

Patented Technology Increases Anabolic/Anti-Catabolic Effects for Extreme Muscle Building!

  • Patented Sustained Release Technology Feeds Muscle for 12 Hours 
  • The Most Anabolic/Anti-Catabolic Protein Available 
  • Good Anytime- Morning, Pre and Post Workout and Nighttime 
  • Loaded with Glutamine and Brach Chain Amino Acids  


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Exclusive 4-Stage Release Makes Probolic-SR the “Anytime” Anabolic Protein 

Due to Probolic-SR’s unique sustained release delivery system, it quickly became the protein supplement of choice for pre-workout and nighttime use. But Probolic-SR can be actually be used “anytime”, due to its exclusive 4-stage time-phased delivery system. The precisely formulated blend of proteins provides a fast, medium and slow release of Amino Acids and is further prolonged with the patented Micro-Feed Technology! This advanced release profile supplies the needed quick release (0-2 hours) of amino acids for post-workout replenishment of nitrogen. It is also perfect for pre-workout because its medium and slower release (hours 2-6) will keep supplying aminos and keep you in an anabolic state throughout your entire workout and prevent going into a catabolic state. It keeps delivering amino acids to your muscles for up to 12 hours. When taken before bedtime PROBOLIC-SR’s Micro-Feed Technology will supply high levels of the Critical Five Aminos and keep you anabolic all night! PROBOLIC-SR will ensure you never slip into catabolism between meals, during workouts or during the night while you sleep and always keep you in “positive nitrogen balance” and anabolic overdrive! 

The Final Analysis: Probolic-SR is superior to all other proteins! 

PROBOLIC-SR is by far the most anabolic/anti-catabolic protein. It has literally changed the properties of protein and has made other types of proteins inferior and obsolete! To experience maximum gains, like Victor Martinez, make Probolic-SR part of your championship muscle building program.!




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